Does he like me? Please help me figure it out.


OK, I need a man's opinion,I am really lost here. I am trying to figure out whether this guy that I like, likes me or should I just move on.

A little about me: I am a very attractive, twenty something year old woman going to grad school. I take care of my appearance, but at the same time I have a fun and outgoing personality and make friends easily in my classes.

There is this one guy in one of my classes, and I like him quite a bit. I've tried to figure out whether he likes me,but have yet to get to the bottom of it. He doesn't seem to pay attention to me. When I look at him, he doesn't look back. One thing that I did notice is that he always seems to sit very close to me in class, with his body language tilting towards me. However, I don't think that it's a great indication that he likes me. He seems like a shy, very smart type, blushes a lot. Basically I am Heidi Klum and he is Bill Gates. I seem to really like that type a lot.

I've tried to get his attention by making myself available, however he didn't reply to my "attempt". (it was indirect, but I was hoping he would reply). I am petrified of asking him out,while I have the looks , I lack the guts. And I seem to lose all of my concentration around him, which doesn't help the matters. Lately, the more he ignores me, the less confident I feel, and I've found that I can't even look at him straight. I am very mad at myself for lack of my ability to make eye contact, but I really can't do anything about it. I don't' know what else to do.

FYI, I didn't mean to sound conceited when I was talking about my looks, it's what I was born with. In addition, I actually have a really friendly, open and nice personality..Guys, what else can I do? My friends told me to drop it, but I can't seem to let it go, afraid I won't see him in my other classes...Tried searching for him on Facebook, but my friends told me that if I add him (couldn't find him by the way), that would be a turnoff...Anyway, ...I'm a bit depressed ..In need of advice..

I also realize even if I am very attractive , that doesn't mean that every guy will like me..So maybe that's the case with this one..But there is this weird gut feeling that's telling me that he does like me
Does he like me? Please help me figure it out.
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