My boyfriend has told me so many lies. I am scared.

My boyfriend and I met on MySpace 2 and a half years ago. I had just broken up[ with my ex boyfriend so I was really upset and my current boyfriend asked me out and I said yes. Everything was great and now 2 years later I have found out some stuff that scares me. He told me he went to a University I found out through his little sister that isn't true. He got pulled over last week and he hasn't had a valid license in 4 years! He wrecked a car going 150 miles and hour. He told me he had hold had sex with 2 girls before me...i found pics of him and at least 5 or 6 different girls having sex. They were using sex toys and all that kinky stuff. He is from a different country and I saw his SSN and it says he isn't a citizen. What is his deal? What is it with all of these lies? I am really confused and don't know what to think. I love him very much but I have caught him in all of these lies!

Should I be afraid or did he just tell me all of this stuff to impress me? I haven't told him any of this stuff yet but I am really just so confused...


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  • He probably told you a bunch of lies to have sex with you... best to forget this guy ever existed and find someone better

    • We live together and everything. Would a guy tell all of these lies just to sleep with a girl and spend 2 years with her??

    • We live together and everything. Would a guy tell all of these lies just to sleep with a girl and spend 2 years with her? - 11 hours ago


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  • Regardless how much you may love him, how much money he makes, what kind of car he drives, etc. There's one major thing wrong...He will never be trustworthy. You will never be able to believe what he says. You will never be able to rely on him. And he will never really respect you. Which he doesn't or he wouldn't lie to you. An realize that...these are only the lies that you know about. I would be concerned that this type of person would also cheat on me. It pretty common to come along with being a liar. Then you would have to worry about STD's. Honestly, in my experience, it may hurt a bit for awhile but I would cut my loses and find a new love interest. Talk to him about it if you want but how are you going to be able to believe anything he tells you. If all the above is alright with you then I wish you luck with your relationship. But those things, that many of them through time, were not told to you just to impress you and the getting in your pants, though I do agree with that, is likely not an issue anymore and yet the lies continue. I'm sure that you respect yourself and know that you deserve better treatment than this. Cheers!