Is there a possibility that if a man in his 40´s…?

Who had been supposedly straight his whole life turn out he is a closeted gay? Given these facts, he is still single, has no kids and it is not dating I mean for me it is not necessary, but could be a slight chance he is or he is just a modern man? The guy was married for 4 years but many years ago. Then he had anotehr relationship that even though he did not marry that second lady, it did not work out.

I remember many years ago many people say and it was like a norm “ If a lady hits a certain age had not been married, continues to be single, has no kids and has no boyfriend, it was becauase she was a “lesbian” and for guys it was said the same (gay) or that is a misconception?

I heard several opinions as if a man in his 40´s continues to be single, it is not dating, does not have kids is probably is gay. Really? I mean there are modern men who are ilike that, they dont want the complications of a marriage or serious relationships, they dont like to committ much less having kids, they enjoy beign single and enjoy life but does that make them gay?

How can you spot a gay guy in a man who “ had supposed to be straight his whole life”?

Im now afraid that the guy I had been liking since 2 years ago turns out he is gay!! I have no proof of course but now Im having my doubts. So far I have not seen any particular signs he is, but I overheard some people I know saying he is gay. This guy ihad been my male cousin (from mom side) best friend for more that 20 years (he knows him better than anyone of course). We went out 2 years ago on a date, we had a good time, we made out, he cuddle with me as we were kissing. We only went out on a first date, there was never a second date anyway, even if we talked about it to go out. Several months later for certain circumstnaces he kind of blew me off. He told me he just wanted to be friends and not interested in a relationship.
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I do know the guy was married 4 years to a lady but like 9 years ago and never had kids with her, after that he was in another relationship and also did not work out and after that, he had remained single, he is 42, I dont know if he had dated after his failed relationships cause I dont know him that well but what I do know is he does not want to get married or being tied down, he enjoys beign single and do things on his own time.
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My brother today asked me if this guy was gay, I replied him I dont know and I dont know him that much and also I have not spent too much time with him in the times I have seen him in person, to really know if he is. My brother told me that even anotehr cousin (from my dad side) who met this guy 2 weeks ago for the first time, asked my brother if the dude was gay but then my brother told me “this is the 3rd person who know who the guy had asked me if he is gay”. So is there a chance?
Is there a possibility that if a man in his 40´s…?
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