Any reason a guy would want to bring down a nice female on a date?

I've been on probably hundreds of dates... yes many guys are jerks and I've figured out the game- sort of. Because im a 'really pretty female' there are guys who have treated me like crap- but they usually do it right away. What I don't get is what this guy did or why any guy would do this. For power or control? I had a date recently- the guy was ok but he did do some things to be passive aggressive. He was negative/weird in some ways and draining. Still he said he liked me and felt comfortable hanging around me. He talked 'a lot' even too much. I'm a really positive person and I like to be fun and friendly etc.. He said he'd hang out with me anytime. I was busy.. but im too nice and make time for these a**holes b/c maybe i think they're nice...

Today we went on a 2nd date. He was totally diff- barely talked to me, was staring off in space 'smiling' in a weird way, ignoring me. I got sick of talking and talking, with barely a response. I was getting drained. He was doing it on purpose. Tons of totally silent moments. I kept saying hey, why don't you talk or say something- then he'd begin saying "what is there to talk about?" Then he'd go on a long negative tirade on conversations. Then he'd ask me a question so I can expend more energy. It got bad... I was getting drunk- drunk hot girl.. and all he did was begin arguing/picking fights about some other conversation type stuff.. He was trying to be negative only... I invited him to my house, don't ask why- and same thing- I tried being positive, and he was just weird. He helped me with something then left abruptly in a rude way. I don't get it- guy out with drunk hot girl- and rather than making moves on her he's negative crazy rude a jerk. Why would a date be such a jerk to a nice friendly female? esp a pretty female drinking... inviting him to her house? Is he crazy or just sick?
His behavior was kind of sadistic- the way he was treating and making me feel- and he even had a good chance of 'something'.. or cuddling
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he was attracted to me and we had even talked about something 'sexual' previously- it's just that on the first date he was much nicer--but now im actually drinking and he's like being abusive to me and so rude negative- wtf? He just wanted to bring me down- like he was mad i was happy... I've dealt with guys like this before but not on this level- this guy was crazy.. and also saying that he likes me but trying to bring me down.. wtf was going on with this evil jackass...
Any reason a guy would want to bring down a nice female on a date?
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