Why wouldn't a guy make a move on a girl he wants?

I met up with a guy recently- we met 1.5 years ago- he ended up being a jerk to me and acting crazy for no reason. Probably went on several dates. In the past 1.5 years- the guy met a crazy woman who used him for his money, abused him mentally and physically and divorced him. They were married 6 mos. This weird guy met up with me again and from what it sounded he wanted something sexual.
We went to dinner and I drank 3 drinks and got buzzed, on purpose. We go back to my place- he mentioned how he was 'attracted' to me but didn't want to 'misbehave' or something like that.

My thoughts are- ok there's a hot drunk girl in your presence. You want her and can't even make one damn move on her? I mean he didn't make a single move- not even say anything. Honestly, if i was a guy and there's a hot girl who decides to get drunk- wouldn't that mean she wants something anything? Wouldn't as a guy who wants a girl, you do something such as come sit next to her, say something to her, anything. Also during dinner- all the guy did was talk about his crazy ex- i mean to a point where I was getting annoyed. I had to ask him to stop b/c I was sick of it. And he did it on purpose just to be a jerk it seems. So he lets some psychopath use and abuse him and he's mistreating a nice female?

I don't get why he didn't make one move on me, say something mention anything. Trust me there are guys who do much more and guys who do nothing, but there are some who play this game- they want you so badly and wont' say or do anything but project this want for you... i know he wasn't scared or nervous--they play this game with you- they want 'you' to make the move... can someone explain why a guy would do this to a hot drunk girl...
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some guys play this game- they refuse to make a move on you and make you wait and suffer and finally make the move on them- they do it on purpose... its really weird and I've had guys do it to me- it's a power game and theyre really wanting to make you suffer... i refuse to give in and in the end, nothing sexual happens... but i find it odd that they do it to a hot girl who they want so badly.. its like a power thing... it's crazy and i don't get it... it's sadistic and guys used to do it to me
Why wouldn't a guy make a move on a girl he wants?
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