My girlfriend told me one of her fantasy...

Tonight, my girlfriend told me one of her sexual fantasy. it was actually pretty interesting, but yet surprising. She told me she fantasized about getting "raped" by me. or being totally "controlled" or. perhaps the word "rape" is too harsh, um, "mock raped"?. Anyway, you get the idea. I am actually not against it or anything, because everyone has different views in life, but is this consider normal? Any girl out there think the same way? I mean. I actually think it might be a turn on for some girls, in fact. even for some or most guys. I guess it's normal and ok if you keep it a fantasy and you do it with someone you love and trust right? It's just another way to spice up your sex life eh? I am pretty sure no female here would want to get raped by some random dude with force and physical abuses, but letting your boyfriend do it. I think it's normal? However, I want to know what other girls think about this? Anyone ever think about this?. Is thinking about getting "mock raped" by your boyfriend just a fantasy you want only him to fulfill. or is this just a F*cked up way to think. Any advice would be helpful, like. is this even normal? I mean. I am actually a bit confuse. can girls fantasy about getting raped by her boyfriend, but actually never want to experience getting raped? Does the two even cross?. or are they two totally different things? Is this also a sign of her showing that she loves and trust you so much that she is able to share with you her fantasy? So, does it mean the relationship is getting stronger? Help please. Thanks. =)
My girlfriend told me one of her fantasy...
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