Did my EX treat me poorly and lie just to get rid of me?

I got a whole new perspective from a counselor, and was interested in seeing your opinions?

My ex of 6 years while on holiday in Italy where he is originally from rang me on the 2nd week and told me after talking to his friends that I was right about his mother being a bully towards me for 5 years and how he is not going to put up with it anymore, I remember thinking to myself, why are you only coming to your senses now when I have told you repeatedly for 5 years. He promised me things would change when he was back, and saw a future with me, I had hope. On the third week he rang me, told me he was moving back to Italy for good and it is up to me if I want to come but he is going either way, he was telling me all the benefits, trying to convince me. The conflict of his changing thoughts baffled me.

I had no desire to see him, after what he had said over the phone. I knew that if I wasn't happy and all smiles when I saw him, it would turn into a big fight.

I texted him that couples discuss these things together, and come to these life changing decisions together, not on their own, and telling their partner over a phone, I am not a dog, who just follows, I am human being.

He goes, I am done with you.

My perception of that was, he wanted to get rid of me, and just discarded me like yesterdays rubbish cause I didn't fit into his plans or something.

The counselor I recently started seeing told me, that when he texted back I am done with you, that was in response to my text, where I had stood up for myself. I recently blocked him on facebook as I couldn't stand the fact after 3 months he never contacted me once to even apologize. He about 1 month ago started seeing some other girl and is still living here up the road, he has not moved to Italy. I feel lied to and betrayed by the person I went through so much for.

Do you think my ex treated me like crap on purpose just to get rid of me? He still has not moved and is seeing someone else here? stings so bad.
Did my EX treat me poorly and lie just to get rid of me?
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