He wants me to feel jealous?

I met a guy and he wanted to have sex on the first date and I thought he's hot and we dont have much in common so I went for it. I thought I should leave but he wasn't too pleased I didn't stay. Next time I did stay over but he was sad that I didn't wash my face. Every date he wants to have sex though so I thought its an friends with benefits thing, he acts very sweet, too sweet honestly. He was upset I thought he sees other girls. He was also upset when I asked what kind of girls he likes. He's "not that kind of guy". He's hotter than I am, I'm not complaining lol. I bet he's more superficial than he claims because he has mentioned things about my appearance, v subtly though. I know how I look and he can meet someone else if he feels I'm not enough. I just smiled.
Anyway he has been a bit jealous.
And now he's been trying to make me jealous, like showing pictures of girls he's flirted with, even wanted to show me some chats but couldnt find them and I just acted interested because honestly he could do so much better, I dont own him. I would be happy for him if he got someone really hot. Later he told me that once when he went swimming with his friends, three girls were following them and one of them suddenly showed him her vag, but he ran away because his brain couldnt work right and he's shy. I told him it's a shame he couldn't get laid because she was hot but then he told me he doesn't like it. Then he went on and said his goal is to marry everyone lol. I humored him again but he started to get pissed off at me. Then he said he wants to make someone fall in love with him just for the heck of it. He also got upset that I don't want my own children but I doubt he wants to actually get me pregnant.

So I know he's insecure and wants validation but why is it not enough I have sex with him and hang out with him? Why does he want me to be clingy? I'm totally cheering him if he tries to get with an attractive girl with boobs and curves lmao I already got to sleep with him so I'm satisfied.

He wants me to feel jealous?
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