Do these signs mean anything?

So this guy I'm kinda interested in is only in a few of my classes. In my maths class. He sits on a table next to me. There is 5 people per table (He is positioned behind me but I normally sit side on). When he talks about funny stories or experiences with others, I sometimes turn and listen.

For example today, he was talking about a funny experience today and as it seemed everyone was having a good time I turned around and joined in. A few moments after he notice I was, he would focus and make most of his eye contact on me than on the others on his table. He would also flash nice smiles at me as well.
This applies with the other times I do this, he does the same thing.

In the other classes, if I look over at him he would laugh and smile at me really nice. He has lingered near me at times. My friends have told me he looks over at me when I'm occupied.

Is these any signs or is it nothing? Your own personal options, thanks! :)

Do these signs mean anything?
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