Is he in love with me or something?

So I was walking home and I was crying because of something that happened earlier so Jack was coming the other way so he passes me and he saw me crying because so I passed him and then I was waiting to cross the street and so then I turned to look at him and I saw that he was staring at me and when I caught him he just looked away. So then in the winter I was waiting in the snow to pick up my brother so he came by me and I noticed that he was going to throw a snow ball at me but he didn't but he told me to go home, since it was really cold, and me being stubborn I was like why do you care so much. Then the other day in lunch his friend said (let's call him Jill) that oh Jill likes you, and he's like no. So I said that I have a boyfriend. And then I said that this is the fourth time that we got back together, so then he's like he should break up with you. I think that he cares about me. And yesterday he saw me so he was just staring at me. Oh and I broke up with my boyfriend, Jill was right he's not a good guy for me. And he only does all of this to me, he nicer to other girls, and he doesn't tease them, but I know how he is and he never cares this much about any other girl but me. And now he asks me who I like. And then he's trying to tell me the truth about my best friend, and he offered to protect me. He also said to me to be a better person because he knows me better than that, and he said that he wanted to know me, he also asked me what the other guys see in me? And he found out that a guy asked me to prom so then he asked me who ask me to prom, he wanted the guy's name. And then he said that every guy has a crush on you. And then he asked me if my exboyfriend and I ever kissed and when I said yes he got really sad. And now a days I noticed that he keeps following me and I've caught him following me, my friend said that he's trying to protect me.
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The guy I like his name is Jack not Jill
Is he in love with me or something?
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