Why does my ex of 1 year keep trying to contact me? How to make it stop if possible?

A year ago, my then boyfriend had disappeared. He had pulled several disappearing acts when we would have disagreements, but the last time we talked before he disappeared forever we had no issues. I was worried about him for two weeks until I saw that he was on Facebook just fine. I got the hint and moved on. He texted me three months later. He acted like nothing happened and I asked him to please leave me alone.

Of course I beat myself up for putting up with him, but eventually I wrote a letter to him ( I did not send) and to myself about how I forgive him and myself but I do not want him to contact me because he's toxic and plays too many games. When he does reach out and I ask him why he stopped calling me, he'll just say "You never reached out to me!" when I have called several times, but are you supposed to just harass someone when they will not pick up the phone?

I want him to leave me alone because I do not think a friendship is possible. We had a conversation recently and when the convo was going well, he ruined it w/ a d*ck pick and asked me to do things with him stating how in a few months he would be moving to Philadelphia soon ( I live in South Jersey so Philly is close by). Another reason is because I just started dating again and things are going really well with this new man and I do not want my ex to get in the way of that. Im sure we all know that one ex who likes to show their face when things are going well for you in life, especially when you have a new partner.
Why does my ex of 1 year keep trying to contact me? How to make it stop if possible?
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