I'm so confused... what does it all mean?

Sorry if this is long but I need some insight.

A year ago I dated this guy I met on tinder for 3 months. We hit it off really well & next thing I know, I'm meeting his family & friends. He even planned a weekend getaway for us as a surprise. I'm a very distant, take it slow type of person so all of this was a lot for me to handle but I went with the flow.

Then suddenly he became distant & ghosted on me. When I asked him to communicate with me & just tell me what was wrong he said that things were moving too fast & he got scared. He apologized for hurting me & wanted to stay friends but I was so pissed & decided then & there I didn't want anything to do with him anymore and instantly deleted him from all social media & carried on with my life. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, he added me on snapchat. He watched all my stories (and continues to do so) & he was on a road trip with a childhood friend of his. He eventually messaged me & asked how was work going & asked if I still lived in the same apartment. He brought up a time I had cooked something for his family bbq (that in the process of transporting spilled marinade all in his trunk & he said the smell lasted for 6 months after that). He updated me on his family and even sent me a few photos.
He said it was great chatting again & the conversation ended there... until I went out to an event that night & posted a video of it. He was out drinking with his boys and sent me a chat asking "why didn't I invite him to the event?" I didn't see the message until the morning to which I responded next time he had my invite & he sent me that smirking emoji (😏)

What is he getting at? Is he trying to come back or is he just being friendly?
I do like him & we had a great time together but the ghosting situation before has caused me to put a wall up.
What should I do? Should I initiate a conversation with him to keep things going? Or no?
Any insight to this whole thing?
I'm so confused... what does it all mean?
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