Help me with my childhood crush please?

I have known him for 14 years since we were 5 years old. He was so sweet nice and caring. We had a crush on each other. We were in the same class together and he used to sit next to me so we could talk all the time. We were best friends. When I was 12 I moved to another class and we talked less and less till we stopped talking ! He always looks at me and when I look at him he looks away. When I am sad he cares a lot. when he is sad he just stares at me and doesn't talk to any one. He gets nervous when we talk together. He completely ignores me on social media except instagram stories he sees them ! He never texts me I have to text him first and sometimes he doesn't reply to my texts. When I call him he answers his phone quickly but never calls me first. I read about body language and I can tell he still likes me but why he sends me mixed signals. He had many ex girlfriends and he broke up with his last ex girlfriend when I invited him to come to my birthday party for the first time. He was happy and insisted to come but unfortunately I had to cancel my birthday party because my best friend had an accident! After that he asked me out to go shopping with him and our mutual friends and I agreed. From that day he completely ignored me I texted him but he didn't reply we stopped talking for 3 weeks. After that he told me that he didn't receive any message from me ! He gets upset when he sees me with another guy and he adds photos with his ex girlfriend on Instagram so I get upset and jealous ! Why he ignore me one day and love me the other day? I love him but why he never texts or calls me? Why he only stares at me? Why he ignores me on social media? Please help me to deal with him I don't want to lose him he is my childhood friend and crush
P. s he is Sagittarius and I am aries
Sorry for any language or Grammar mistakes 😊
Help me with my childhood crush please?
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