Am I being difficult?

I have a guy friend at work , at times he doesn't remember certain things I've already told him. He asked me a question twice within 3 months and we were taking about it again just recently and I told him " If you don't remember then you don't care." He responded if I didn't care, I wouldn't ask. Are you going to tell me? I said " why would I tell you if you're just not going to remember again?"
What's the point?

It was something about an injury and how long it has been since I sustained it.

Last time he said he has a lot on his mind and lots of things he had to remember. Is this a valid excuse? Or are men forgetful?

He got kinda quiet and annoyed because I didn't want to answer him and he said I was just trying to be difficult.

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What Guys Said 1

  • some people simply have a horrible memory. my short term memory has been awful my entire life. (there is no reason medically for my bad short term memory and my long term is excellent)

    "if you don't remember you don't care" wow I'm sorry but that's super harsh. depending on the person you said it too could even be hurtful. I wouldn't be hurt but I would be a bit pissed for a little while but I'm easy to forgive.

    things like this are rarely the person's fault. just try and be understanding. obviously you'll get annoyed by it but in my particular case if I don't care about something I wouldn't ask about it in the first place let alone more than once.


What Girls Said 2

  • You're being waaaaaaay over dramatic

    • I'm trying not to be. I just found it to be a waste of my time, why am I giving you the same information if you're going to ask me again? Don't ask me if you don't care to remember? That's how I took it. I have a pretty good memory, not by choice.

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    • Honestly... you are making something out of nothing

      Poor guy.

    • Hahaha. You are Waaayy too nice

  • You are being a bit unreasonable. The poor dude might not be doing it on purpose. Perhaps his memory sucks.

    • Ok, thanks. I just expect him to remember

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