Why did he say this?

So my ex and I broke up over a year ago. We go to the same church tho so we're around each other pretty often and we've learned to be cordial with one another. Well the other day we had a picnic at church... and he brought his new girlfriend. Naturally, I wasn't too thrilled to see him with her. They showed up after we started eating and they were in line when I went to throw my food away. I ended up passing him, and we acknowledged each other, but surprisingly the very first thing he said to me wasn't hi or how are you. He immediately said "I didn't know you were going to be here." I know I'm over analyzing this, but I couldn't help but notice that and I can't help but wonder why that was the very first thing that came out of my mouth when he saw me. Thoughts?


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  • Sounds to me like he felt bad and was trying to tell you that he would have considered not bringing her or not going at all (without her) if he had known for sure you would be there. Sounds like he was trying to say that he wasn't intentionally trying to hurt you, or make things awkward. Hope this helps.


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