How to deal with an Aries guy?

Some say that Aries guys love the chase and that they don't like things that come easy to them...

is this really true? because my Aries doesn't like it when I play hard to get and when I'm out of reach or something, he instantly gets upset..

we're not in a relationship yet, but there's potential..

and I don't wanna mess it up, cause I honestly like him.. we have a lot of things in common and our personalities and minds really match..

I am a Virgo girl, Any experiences similar to share?

I would like to hear from a Virgo girl who was in a relationship with an Aries guy ! and would appreciate all Aries guys opinions on my question.. :)


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  • Now while I don't put a lot of stock in star signs, if it helps I'm an Aries :)

    With regard to the whole enjoying the chase, etc, I think its all overplayed. Honestly, if I like a girl and she actually likes me too, it would cause me a lot less heartache if she would just give some indication. I'm not saying just give it all up, as that takes away the mystery, but really, if you just play uninterested all the time, why is a guy going to think he has any chance? And most people aren't complete masochists, so inflicting unrequired pain on ourselves isn't really desirable!

    Just give him a chance to know that his feelings aren't unrequited.


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  • Constellations are meaningless.

  • Stop basing things on signs. It won't help you.

  • If your relationship life boils down to your signs then you're in big trouble. Signs are so vague in their descriptions and horoscopes that your brain automatically makes connections about how someone really does match up to what you read/heard.


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