Beat a player at his own game?

There's a guy who has a girlfriend but he is always paying attention to me and flirting with me, and he's even gone so far as to say "awww you didn't tell me you had a crush on me, how cute!" and I wrote back "key word being HAD lol" but I started thinking "You know, if he actually liked me he would break up with his girlfriend and ask me out properly." So now I want to show him I'm not that naive. But how?


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  • I so remember asking this question myself,if I understand the question right. Just play along with it flirt back with him,but don't fall for him. It sounds like your smat if you already realized that he has a girl and he's not goanna break up with her and blah. So just play along flirt and realize that everything he tells you is a lie he just trying to lead you on. You do the same call him little names tell him you miss him and so much,I don't think its cute at all how he answered you when he said all that bull about aww. you had a crush I hate when they get big heads about that but just go along with every dumb thing he says I say you are pretty aware of what's going on around you good luck.


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  • to beat a player at his own game. is a secret.

    but not so much really.

    one thing you gotta keep in mind, is that you may want him now, and want to be his girl, but in the back of your mind, can you really trust him. do you really wanna beat him at his own game, or try to use it to get him? watch your feelings.

    • Uhm well I want him to know that I'm not stupid, that I haven't put him on a pedastal just because he's paying attention to me, and that his advances aren't working (even though they are secretly I guess) I don't like being a side dish you know what I mean?

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    • Alright welllllllll so far I've just been how I always am. Friendly. with a little flirting I guess but not so much because I get flustered around him. TIPS?

    • You obviously know he likes you.. so what you got to try to do is keep your cool around him, I know this is the hardest thing for you to do, but you need to try to treat him like he is someone else, when he texts or calls you.. don't respond sooo fast, when you see him, act like you didn't see him and be like ohh hey, what's going on... you gotta play hard to get.. you jump on ever chance he throws at you.. you put the ball back in his court..

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