A guy at work is starting to creep me out... Is he acting stalkerish? What should I do?

I work at a cafe inside a grocery store and there is a guy who works in the deli at the same place. He started by coming and ordering coffee from me to then finding me on Facebook the first night he did, and then following me on Instagram too. I followed back because he seemed cool and I thought he was being friendly. Well he kept coming back whenever he worked, for a drink, posted a picture of the coffee I made him on Instagram, and then messaged me randomly. I responded but then stopped responding. He came back the next day and stood at the cafe area for 10 minutes after I gave him his drink and talked to me, and he also asked me out for coffee and food. There were no customers but he just stood there and tried to make conversation, which was awkward. Then I wasn't too responsive online when he was trying to confirm a date, I told him I was really busy so maybe towards the end of the week. He told me Thursday or Friday works for him, and I didn't respond back. Then yesterday he came to get coffee from me, and again stood there for 10 minutes trying to talk to me afterwards and I said I had to use to restroom and left so he would leave. His shift ended at 7pm and mine ended at 7:15, and when I left the building he was waiting for me outside and walked with me to my car, asked if Thursday worked and I said I didn't know, and I'd get back to him and wished him a good night. He literally followed me for quite awhile afterwards while in my car even though his house was not in that exact direction. Then on Snapchat he messaged me and said sorry if his headlights bothered me and I said I didn't notice and he told me he followed me until I turned off on ___ road.

I feel totally creeped out because he's like pressing me about this and it feels like he's super into me too fastly and I'm half ignoring him. Is this creepy? What should I do
A guy at work is starting to creep me out... Is he acting stalkerish? What should I do?
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