Why do guys deny their true feelings that they have for a girl?

Why do guys deny things?

A guy in my school would stare at me and check me out from a distance this past school year. He's a shy guy.

Last week I was at the park with a friend and he was there with friends, they all stopped and looked at my friend and I as we walked by, my crushes friend yelled out that he liked me but they weren't laughing or anything.

Now my friend just spoke to him on MSN and when she brought up the situation all he had to say was that his friend was acting like a fag. She said that he took a while to respond to it, but when they were talking about other things on MSN he would respond fast.

I feel so confused, why do guys deny feelings?

Was it because my best friend had asked him and he wanted to not tell her? My friends thought that he liked me.


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  • talk to him yourself. you're never going to find out someones true feelings through a friend of yours or his.

    • So are you saying that I should confront him or should I just attempt to talk to him but not bring up the subject?