When a girl says you're ugly, and she really felt bad for you..do you really think she means that?ladies help

The same girl I wrote about in my last question..the one I really love..and she made me happy is the same one I'm talking about now.well anyways,when the time had came ,when she told me the bad news ..she said to me ,"look were over like for real seriously,your talking about having kids with me.and living with me..no that's never gonna happen I'm too young first of all so sorry I don't wanna talk to you again'',that's what she said ...i thought she was happy talking to me and we WERE going good..she said she loved me .we talked everyday ..even during school we would text each other..but anyways..one day I wrote her on aim.i didn't tell her who is was ..until after awhile when I told her who it was she said ,''Goodbye'', I got so mad ..and called her a slut ..didn't mean it ..and I said I hope she get raped..and she said to me ,ewe your ugly .i felt real bad for you..i didn't wanna tell you..Do you a girl in general will mean such a thing ladies?cause really if she really felt that bad why she didn't leave me the first time we met...we were still talking and were happy ,she even wanted me to spend anite at her house ..so really help me out ladies?cause this is the I gave my FREAKING HEART TOO...i really love her...and one more question,I wrote her recently in august ..saying hey what's up..and we were talking just normal ..and I ask her if she wants to be friends cause I don't want us to regret it later on in life .she said yea sure. I was happy..but anyways she told me a couple days later when I wrote her that she was in the city..i ask her if she wants to chill ,she was like yea sure..but when the day came we didn't get to chill cause she didn't know if her friends mom was doing something with them(think she was lying to me),cause she was in the city to visit..so she said to me maybe tomorrow in the morning or the next time she come up..so I said okay and I ask her if we can text tomorrow..she said, sure we can.when I texted her she didn't reply back..she stopped talking to me again..so another couple days later I wrote her and said. I agree we shouldn't talk no more ..your right I was being a jerk etc..she said well we weren't talking anyways but okay bye...i got mad.Can you ladies tell me why she did that I don't what's really wrong with me ,she always stop talking to me and then talks to me again..even when we weren't that close with each other she stopped talking to me cause I think she had a boyfriend and when they broke up in September I hit her up and there you go we started talking and things got good until she left me...?do you think it was because she was scared she was gonna fall for me or something which I doubt ? any answer please help.I think me and her is gonna meet again in life I feel it..but still hep me out please
When a girl says you're ugly, and she really felt bad for you..do you really think she means that?ladies help
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