Does my friend with benefits have feelings for me?

We haven't been seeing each other for very long, maybe a month. But whenever he comes over after we have sex we have these deep ass conversations about our lives. Also he loves to cuddle and one time I wasn't cuddling with him (not because I didn't want to but because it was hot) and he took it blanket off me. I thought it was an accident or some shit so I told him he's hogging the blankets and he said "so you'll get cold and come cuddle with me" he usually stays from 8 at night to seven in the morning. He's always wanting to stay longer though, he never wants to leave but since I still live with my parents I want to respect them and not have him around during the day because I have younger siblings. (My parents know he stays over their cool with it) The main reason I think he had feelings though is because he gets jealous when I talk to other guys, I'm not sleeping with anybody else I just have guy friends. Once after not taking for awhile he asked if he could come over but then sent another text immediately saying "unless your seeing someone else" I told him I wasn't and then he stayed the night. I would assume he had feelings, the only thing making me think otherwise it's he said he doesn't want a relationship. I'm so confused.
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Forgot to add also tells me he misses me when we haven't seen each other in a few days or when he comes over he will tell me he missed me and another thing, when I've had one night stands in the past I've never kissed them but my friend always kisses me when he sees me and when he leaves.
Does my friend with benefits have feelings for me?
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