I dont understand guys?

So this guy apoarently liked me a while back - but he never spoke to me , only to my friends about me
but he has helped me when i needed help and stuff
and i have always liked him but i only just realised that he liked me
so now i dont know what to do - i dont know if he's still interested - because i think he thinks im not interested in him
and like last night he got drunk and then he came and made a scene and starts talking to the guy and acting all buddy buddy with him
and like i almost fell and he started joking about it and yelling stuff out to his friends but i couldnt hear what
Does he hate me?
I know some of you guys are gonna say i should just talk to him but I really dont want to embarrass myself because his friends can be real jerks and sometimes they influence him - and i will become a laughing stock
what can should i do
I dont understand guys?
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