What am I doing wrong? Why are these guys being crazy?

Why do these guys want me to want them even though they dont want me?

Along with negging, i had a guy who didn't tell me he had a girlfriend get mad that i was meeting my ex, told me he didn't think i was that pretty and got mad because i didn't give him a bj and told me id be alone at 30(which is fucking fine, not all women have to have a husband not all of us want one or can find someone who meshes well with us!)
because i wasn't that into him and therefore not sexually turned on enough to give him a bj. But he had girls flirting with him at the bar obviously throwing themselves at him so why even bother with me?

The 2nd guy i was in love with and kept insisting after he pressured me into sex that id be obsessed with him and when I asked him to leave, he texted me none stop, kept talking about having a future together and then abandoned me. i finally started to get over him (met the 1st asshole) and then some other guy who was mad that i didn't want to sleep with him and that called me from different numbers when i didn't text him and i almost had to get the police involved contacted my ex?
and convinced my ex to months after not talking to stand me up last night in 20 degree weather?
Instead of my ex just leaving me alone?

i never did anything to the guy but not be into him and ask him to stop harassiing me and when i told my ex that he should gift me something if he wanted to talk ( im now a gold digger because i wanted something that proved he was sorry after my ex refused to take me on a date, used me, and cursed me out after i gave him everything)

these guys obviously dont like me, get angry if i just want a sexual realtionship with no emotion, get angry when i dont want to have sex with them, and dont think im that pretty. They hate me for existing or my attitude and when i leave they are angrier what am i doing wrong?
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What am I doing wrong? Why are these guys being crazy?
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