Why does he keep staring at me? What should I do when he stares at me?

OK ever sense yesterday this guy me and him are friends like we know each other and stuff. And yesterday in class I just came out of nowhere and hugged him like my arms around his neck. And I guess he was in shock but we hugged for like 8 seconds or ten. And then he picked me up three times after that And he kept staring at me a lot too. And today he was staring at me a lot again. Like I will smile and he just stares at me or I will try to hide behind someone else and he will just find a way to look at me like move or something. So I don't know what's going on like does he like me or what? But tomorrow I think I am going to go and hug him again like I did the day before yesterday. Do you think I should? And when he stares what should I do. like he stares at me with like dreamy eyes and my partner that sits next to me in this class said I think you and him will end up going out. And I wil stare back into his eyes with that dreamy look too or smile at him. by the way when he does it he told me that he doesn't blink like he will just stare then blink and continue looking at me.


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  • It sounds like he likes you, whe he stares at you give him a quick smile to give him a hint that you like him (if you do). If you want to go out with hi just aproch him and lead on that you want to hang with him. If not play the friend card he should pick up on that.


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