Is he over me? I don’t think so but help?

So I’ve asked before. But there has been a rather significant addition to the information haha. So as I’ve said, my ex and I were Together 9 months. He has depression/anxiety/bipolar and he ended up cheating on me with a girl from tinder who was 16 (he’s 18) and lied to him about basically everything. Since then, he’s prank called me, he’s told me to leave him be, which I do anyway. Etc. but last night, he went into a very old group chat between us and a bunch of our friends and started to tell me off for nothing (I hadn’t talked to him since the last time he texted me over a week ago.) then later on something cracked inside him and he asked me to go see him because he said he just wanted to be around me. We slept together. He told me what happened with the girl, she lied to him about her name and age and about running away from home. He still cares for her, but he’s also conflicted that she lied to him. He said he loved me, after I said it first. I’m just confused as to why he’d sleep with me if he didn’t love me anymore, because he claims he loves me but he’s not sure he’s in love with me. Help
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  • Leave him be. Imagine how you first met. Was it really meant for you two to last this long? Also 9 months may be a long time, but you're still young, have a life to life, things to see and explore, problems to overcome. Stay strong, tell him what you really think, if he doesn't let you speak and you think he doesn't back you up, instead is just being a leech just forget about him. Move on. Cheers to your good choice.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He wanted some kind of support. He is being rude and unappreciative though. I think his mental illness is getting the better of him. You don't just go in to an old group chat you're both a member of to slag the other one off. That is really off. You need to know your worth. It seems like he thinks he can gets what he wants. I don't want to hurt you I'm just telling the truth. One minute he's telling you to leave him alone which you said you already were. The next he wants to sleep with you and says I love you. Then another minute he can cheat on you. As someone once said to me, if you really like someone you don't go hot and cold on them.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Do u want real answer?

    • 🙄 then why would I ask

    • Sometime people need consolidation too

      I can show you many a question here and read reply from asker

    • He is using you to fulfill his sexual desires or

      You are his backup to here

      U asked for it

      Wanna know how I concluded this?

  • Yea.. he doesn't love you. He just wants your V.


What Girls Said 1

  • He is over you


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