Friends with benefits interested or am I overthinking?

Hi, so I'm in a confusing friends with benefits or fuck buddy situation. I known the guy because we went to the same hs, we're pretty much strangers besides that but started randomly hooking up almost a year ago. Our terms are: no kissing, no cuddling, no sleepovers, and to never be seen in public together. We only contact each other for sex every other week/month but he has mentioned going on dates lately to make us feel less awkward towards each other? He has said he likes me but he has a busy work schedule so he's not ready for a relationship then brings up going out on dates again? We've stuck to the terms pretty well and I don't think I've given him any real reasons to like me so I'm confused why he's bringing up dates all of a sudden. Do guys usually take their fuck buddies on dates? He was good friends with my ex and has mentioned not wanting him to find out about us also. Most confusing is he'll tell me that he really wants to see me the next day but then doesn't contact me? What does all this mean? Am I overreacting? I don't want to develope feelings for him rn.
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Oh and what is being sexually exclusive as fb? That is such a weird concept for me because I'm new to this. I like what we have now so him mentioning dates and flaking is sending mixed signals?
Friends with benefits interested or am I overthinking?
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