He talks about his ex A LOT. Today he even referred about her as his girlfriend!! What should I do?


so I have recently been seeing this guy, since day 1 he has brought up his ex in many conversations. It’s all “my ex girlfriend this” and “my ex that”. I am never keen on guys bringing up ex’s especially during the early days. I made it clear to him that he does indeed talk about her a lot in conversation and I understand they were together for a long time (7 years) so it’s easy to get into the habit of talking about her. But made it clear that I wasn’t okay with it and if we were to make it official I need him to stop and I need him to make sure he is 100% over her. They broke up 10 months ago, so I feel like it’s a decent amount of time to get out of the habit of bringing said ex into conversation.

Yesterday we made it official. And earlier today he said and I quite “my girlfriend used to...”.

Thats right.
He called his ex his girlfriend.

I said “ahem?” And he said “oops I mean ex” and I let it go because I don’t like to argue with people but this really quite hurt and upset me. We had just made it official, so there’s absolutely no understanding or compassion at this point.

Do you think it was the slip of the tongue? Or do you think there’s a bigger reason for it? I always think because he still talks about her A LOT then he’s obviously not over her. I have already raised my concern and he knows exactly how I’m feeling about it. How can I tackle this again? I am seeing him tomorrow and I can almost guarentee he will talk about her at some point again even after I have discussed it with him.

I know what a lot of people will say, but I need some opinions and advice regardless. I have asked him to be 100% honest with me, if he is still in love with her and needs more time to get oc e her I’m okay with that but I wouldn’t have made it official if he hadn’t said he is over her.

A sister needs your advice!!! Xoxo
He talks about his ex A LOT. Today he even referred about her as his girlfriend!! What should I do?
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