Broke my girl's trust. Help.

My ex had a sorted childhood with grim details that I won't get into, lets just say Mom didn't always see the nicest of guys or ones who had high morals. She also has blackouts sometimes due to severe migraines.

A couple of months ago before we broke up she had a few blackouts one night. I picked her up, put her in bed and laid with her there for hours to make sure she was OK. After a few hours I decided to try and give her an orgasm while she was sleeping, the outcome was not what I intended nor expected. She doesn't believe me when I tell her I thought she was sleeping and she says that she wasn't sleeping but was blacked out. She accuses me of molesting her as she woke up while I was rubbing on her.

Now regardless of my side of the story and my intentions, in this situation her perception is what counts and in her eyes I broke her trust. We have since broken up and she has moved away. We still talk and love each other, love was never our problem, but now she doesn't trust me and neither of us know how to fix it. Now she had had these blackouts before and after this incident and nothing untoward had ever occurred then but it makes no difference.

I could really use some help with this, the love that we have is the kind of stuff you see in movies or read about in books. It moves mountains and shakes the foundations of beliefs, but without trust its just two people who can't be near one another because the one right now can only see someone who let her down and broke her trust even though it wasn't intentional, and even though the intentions were good the trust is still lost and the situation is unchanged.

Any advice or suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated here.
Broke my girl's trust. Help.
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