Could she like me and not want admit it? What is she really thinking? (long)

I like this girl quite a bit. We have always talked and joked with each other although not to the degree she does with other people. With her friends she is always smiling and chatty but with me is like I always have to initiate contact but after I do, sometimes anyway, we have good conversations and we smile and tease each other, make great eye contact (sometimes the way she looks at me and smile makes me shiver, and happens quite often). Other times I feel like I'm annoying her because of her lack of responses and some other times she just plain looks in a bad mood when I talk to her, but with other people she is fine. I asked her if I was bothering her and if I should stop taking to her, she said "i don't care what you do". One time before going on vacation I asked playfully if she was going to miss me, she said coldly "no". Recently, I told her I liked her just for the heck of it, she said the feeling wasn't mutual so I accepted her answer and got over it. One thing I have noticed and kind of annoys me is that every time she says something that comes off kinda mean, she always has this big smile on her face, even when she said the feeling wasn't mutual, she did the smile thing, so I don't know if she is just playing around or making fun or what. Now that I know she doesn't feel like I do, I just thought about moving on and kinda ignore her. I am still civil and polite to her, but I don't really have any conversations with her or joke around or anything like that. Then the other day she asked me why I was acting like that, that I was being mean and I told her that I clearly heard that she didn't care if I talked to her or not and told her I was making things easier for her by not engaging into conversations outside work-related matters and told her that I could see that she didn't enjoy talking to me and she said "that's not true". I did the ignoring thing once for a couple of days, after that she went up to me and started making small talk and being cute and touching my arm but I didn't budge and she walked away sad, so of course I went up to her and as soon as she heard me say her name, she had the biggest smile and eyes I have ever seen on a person, that's why after a while I decided to tell her I liked her. Now that I told her and everything, and seeing how she keeps coming up to me and "caring" about what I'm doing to her, what is she thinking? Could she like me and not want admit it? Usually if I feel a girl likes me and I don't like her, I tend to back off hoping she would get the hint and not want to lead her on, but I have never seen it the other way around, that is, going up to a girl whom I rejected and trying to talk to her again. Any ideas of what is going on?


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  • She's just being friendly with you. Don't think much about it.