Is chivalry really already dead?

Is chivalry really already dead??


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  • "But the age of chivalry is dead. That of sophists, economists and calculators has succeeded and the glory of Europe is extinguished forever."

    Edmund Burke - 1789 - We've been headed that way, downhill, in fits and starts for quite a while.

    • It will never die as long as the mind says it can

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    • You probably need to read Burke to get the context. It wasn't science and technology he was referring to. You need to look at 18th century idioms.

    • @bigdog1961 No fact begins with if - or in this case "so long as..." That said, I try to be a chivalrous. Hold doors for ladies and such. The interesting part is how many women take offense when I do. (Not including my girlfriend, I am happy to say.)

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  • Not COMPLETELY dead but for a feminist (by today's standards) it's not likely that they will be treated with such type of care. Which is their fault. One day it will be a thing of the complete past. Boy's aren't being raised to be chivalrous much anymore. Little girls aren't being raised to act like little ladies very much anymore neither.
    My husband and the men in his family were raised to be chivalrous. His bother isn't to all women though. He believes it's saved for the women that "deserve" it.


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  • Unfortunately feminism (specifically radical feminism) is killing it.

    Seriously, some girls will be offended when I hold open a door for them I'm "spreading the idea that guys are stronger than women."

    Slapped me and told me she didn't need a male to open a door. Said she can do it herself.

    Fucking feminism... It's not feminism anymore...

    • There's a difference between radical feminism and actual feminism. One's misandrony and the other isn't.

    • That's why I made the distinction.

      But unfortunately radical feminism is still a branch of feminism, and when I hear "feminism," that's always going to be at least part of what I think of.

    • Even though they're a vocal minority.

  • Here is my story.

    When I used to go on dates with women, I used to dress nice, be myself, bring them flowers, pay for the meal, open doors for them, be the perfect gentlemen, etc... However, it never got me anywhere, except being ghosted and losing money in the process.

    After I decided to stop being the perfect gentlemen, women would stop ghosting me on the first date. After a while, on first dates, I would make the girl feel good about herself, boost her up, show her my car (a 2016 Mustang, which I pimped out on the inside), talk for a bit in my car and make her feel more comfortable, then I would go in for a kiss, which turned into feeling up, which turned into nipple sucking, which turned into the girl pulling out my cock, which turned into a blow job and then full blown sex. To my surprise, women responded to this better, and they would always text me first and instantly for days to come telling me I was a great lover and the "perfect gentlemen". How am I a gentlemen for basically having sex with you on the first date? Lol.

    Fact of the matter is, women "train" men to act a certain way.

  • Chivalry is not dead as long as I am alive.

    I am an adviser to an undergraduate fraternity at a local university. We teach all of the young men about chivalry and treating women with respect. Many of them understand that this is what women want, even modern young women!

    • Seconded!

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    • @Being_a_good_Indian That is quite a lengthy article you have indian guy. I personally do not have the time to read it all but I glanced in a few places.

      Unrelated to OlderandWiser's opinion, I will still tell you my thoughts on it (rather than to leave an opinion there).

      I mean in no way to undermine your efforts to bring up those sexual assault facts and statistics (in which you mentioned India having the least rape cases so far) but there is a practice of forced/arranged marriages at gunpoint. I would kind of be interested in what you have to say about it.

      And regarding the (German) Media. Well, what can I say? It is the media and it's not surprising. The government controls the media and lets the media speak it's bidding rather than reporting 5 rape cases. I have learned long ago, that the media is a rigged and biased psychic weapon. It was also my very first MyTake article here.

      Medias are powerful psychic weapons. Did YOU fall for them? ↗

    • You just cannot trust any media nowadays. You can only trust the regular people like you and me and the community, who are actually experiencing things rather than to feed on what the media throws at us.

      The TV was supposed to be a great invention. It turns out today to bring more harm than good. At least in my opinion it seems so.

      I however do sympathize in cases of such discrimination as I don't like it myself.

  • It's not dead. I hold the door open for everyone. Pull out a chair for a woman, and in general try to be courteous and polite, as well as helpful to people.

    The thing is, I'm meeting women who are appalled by having doors open for them and things like that. And I get it: Women don't need men to do things for them. But I'm not doing these things because I have views of women being weaker. I'm doing it to be nice and for no other reason.

  • It is not dead yet, but surprisingly people are pleating in favor of it dieing in terms of "equality" and "freedom". Once we get to a society where women are shopping naked, all sexuality is drained from society and there is nothing exciting about it anymore chivalry will be truly dead because at that point there is nothing to protect and also nothing to give to your partner as everyone can see it anyway.

    So be very careful what you wish for, and be very careful what you are rooting for if you are a women. Because chivalry is your primal source of power and incredibly attractive.

    Teasing is an art form the traditional women has mastered and our youngsters have forgotten. Dressing in a way that sparks the imagination of a guy and only gives him a tiny amount (Such as a V dress that shows her chest but not her actual breasts) is incredibly attractive to men because it gives them a hint of what they could get if they pursue you and gives them a direct reason to flirt and start chasing you. Combine that with some nurturing values and men are just hardwired to fall blindly in love with you as you have just done anything that interests the male primal brain as you have shown you are extremely capable of raising a child to there subconscious in every shape while tantalizing there imagination.

    Today's progressives have gotten it incredibly wrong as women are trying to become more and more like men which results in something easily predictable. Men like Women, Men typically do not like Men. So if you are going to walk with your breasts out into an office building while giving no care about raising a family you are going to simply be incredibly unattractive. Yes they might look at your chest and think you are pretty, but they have already seen the goods so the magic is lost and with no femininity on display you are not sparking interest in there male subconscious at all meaning all is left is your figure and your personality meaning you have an extreme disadvantage against the more traditional girl you are trying to destroy.

    The girls that get it right are typically not progressives or feminists but more conservative. They understand that you have to make the guy work for you even if you love him by not giving him everything straight away but having him earn it until it feels right and you two build a nice bond, that will greatly improve your chances of not being used for just sex as your feminine features display future potential at its fullest.

  • If I would put my thoughts into it. Out of every 15 suit of guys there's probably 2 ... Of 15 guys that would respect someone enough.. To be chivalrous.

    I seen the funniest things in public.. But some of the coolest things too.. There was one guy that held the door for this old lady and there was a girl walking pretty fast.. I thought the guy was going to hold the door for both the old lady and the young woman. The young girl looked and seen the man holding the door, so she continued to walk and text..! Until... The male just kept walking away I seen the door slowly close.

    At this point I could of yelled out "AYE!!!" But... Something deep in my soul locked my jaw. And I entered into this slow motion realm.. The door completely shut and the way her face smacked that door... I seen the cheeks on her face make wave motions.. And the phone.. Hit the door and feel on the cemented concrete... And it broke... She stood there.. Looking at her phone. Both in pain and shock. I walked to her... And seen she was staring at he ground.. I bent over to pick up her phone... And replied. "The door says pull... "... And held the door for the laughing gentlemen behind me... LOL...

    Well I felt I was somewhat helpful... When she grabbed her phone to analyze the damage... She looked so.. Speechless..

    Out of everything that happened... I thought.. "wonder why karma did that"... When I went into the gas station to put gas in my ford... I wasn't laughing on the outside. But I was dying inside.. I cried.. While paying for my gas at the cashier...

    At the end of the day I felt I made progress.. So to answer the question... Yeah in a way its dead in like a form of sleep but there's always a chance it would wake up with a surprise...


  • It is a tough one. Some women really respect the gesture. Whereas other ones take hysterical offence. It doesn't change your mindset. If I am on a crowded bus and I see a pregnant woman standing I will always offer my chair for her. As with other similar gestures

    • May i ask you something about this whole chivalry stuff?

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    • He was doing such things way before sex. I know I shouldn’t have. But I was thinking if it’s the only way I can be around him I’ll do it.

      But it also doesn’t make sense why he will tell me that this girl msged him.
      Rewind back he had sex with this girl years ago. But then a few months ago she started tagging him and I on fb. So I told him he got mad and told me to ignore her. So this female had msged him telling him why he’s ignoring her. So when he saw me he told me what she sent him.

      He didn’t have to tell me about her and what she sent him. You know?

    • I wouldn't know why. The best way to solve this is having a conversation with him about this even if there is the risk of losing him, you still need to do something about this situation.

  • No it isn't dead;, #Chivalry towards women has evolved with the times.

    As women are becoming increasingly empowered in schools and workplaces, society now feel less reason for men to display traditional acts of courtesy towards women.

    Being a Good Indian. 😊

  • Yes. I used to be a gentleman almost all of my life. But since Metoo I feel the urge not to be an idiot anymore. I hold the door open for people independent of gender if there is need to do that. But I don't pay her dinner, don't open her door or help her in her clothes or with anything else. This has definitly stopped. I realized I am a man and therefore a chauvinist rapist pig.

  • It should be dead, it's the idea that women are better than men and men have to do things for women to be worthy of them. That just doesn't work in this age where everyone is supposed to be equal

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  • It's relative in my opinion, chivalry is pretty alive in Italy, boys (especially if older) are always kind with me or my other friends in many ways, while in Japan the chivalry is almost never really something considered, in my experience, you can pretend it from a guy or a guy just isn't like that, it really depends also from the type of person...

  • It's the responsibility of all people to be kind and decent to each other, and when it is simple to do something kind, we should do it. I open the door for people if I get to the door first - it's just a simple politeness.

    Men are not obligated to be chivalrous because they are men and we are women.

    When you care about someone and you're in a relationship, you do kind things for one another.

    When you're out in public and you engage in a normal act of politeness that's just being a good citizen who wants to participate in a polite society.

    If someone opens the door for me, I nod in appreciation or say thank you. If I open the door for someone, they usually do the same but if they are just busy and forget, I don't have to get my panties in a wad about it.

    What is REAL chivalry in the modern age? (It certainly isn't about men opening doors for women.) here is some food for thought. I encourage everyone to read this take.

  • Not at all. I see acts of chivalry all the time (unless you are referring to medieval chivalry ha ha, bad joke I know). I am constantly having guys go out of their way to open doors for me, and I think it is sweet especially when they run ahead of me to open the door when they see that I have a huge textbook and already overloaded bookbag on my back as if this task was not already a struggle. I always say thank you, but deep down I wish I could say more, you know start up a conversation that properly reflects my gratitude, but I typically really had some place to go like class or the restroom or something and they seem at times in a rush themselves, which makes me feel even more grateful because they volunteered their time like that. Even on this website, I just had a discussion with a true gentlemen who adorned me w/ complements. I hope these guys know how much we women appreciate this type of treatment, because I know I do, will never forget their kind acts.

    • Yes! Thanks for saying these things. :) I hope I could tag all the guys who commented so far so they know that, just like what you said, these acts of kindness from them don't go unnoticed.

    • Far from unnoticed, it always lightens my day no matter what mood I was in, they are like superheroes who swoop in and rescue me from my own self doubt and worry. To all those guys who do this I want to say thank you and keep it up, you bring smiles and have a bigger influence in female's lives than you think, even if it is not always crystal clear, even I do not always show it, but I feel it and remember it.

    • Women say chivalrous men are rare and I say women who deserve such effort are even harder to find.

  • Chivalry & Gallantry are very much alive and practiced by the wonderful men in my life! My dad, brothers and boyfriend are all true gentlemen. Because they're very disciplined, they still do courteous acts very naturally.

    • I suppose it depends, personally I hold open doors for instance, but I do that for everyone, guys, girls, teachers, students, etc. So its not really because of interest in someone in particular

    • @SirMavane: Then, that is being gentleman-like. You don't do it to impress. You do it because it comes naturally to be courteous. However, there are a lot more proper gestures aside from holding doors open for others.

    • That is definitely true, but holding doors is something I always did naturally, so its easy. But I've never had a girl interested in me so I never had to do much other than that because its usually for people I don't know

  • Honestly, nowadays I don’t think we trust a stranger. If a random person approaches you to help with grocery, it’s like... why? Is it safe to accept the help?

    Or maybe it’s just me, I watched way too many forensic files.

  • I know for a fact that it is dead because chivalry is a major theme in movies that is now interpreted as fictional. It is also the reason why I watch so many movies to escape from this helpless world by which I would have been better off historically. Please men, if it's not too late con

    • It's to late. The constant belittling of men will keep chivalry from returning.

  • In most. Men just dont care anymore, but can you blame them? Every damn thing a man does gets beaten down by all these raging feminists. Men dont know whether to treat a woman like a lady or like an equal anymore, theyll get in shit either way

  • I don't think it ever really existed... I think "masculinity" and "real men" were always an ideal, an unachievable fantasy society put in boys heads so they would actually try to put in some effort... Once we took that away they all collapsed because it was never really there to begin with.

  • not if someone has an immense interest in you, they will do all chivalry

  • It's not. My friend is from Syria. 38 years old, always opens the door and says "ladies first", when I drop something on the floor or any other girl he'll give it back to us. A lot of examples... he's the first guy I know doing this and I find it really cool. Tbh I don't know would I like to have a boyfriend like he is. Everything is nice, you'll open the door for me, but I don't know

    • In arabian countries this is called common manners not chivalry, I’m from Jordan it’s on southern border of Syria, and we share the same values.

      But as you have already pointed out that these manners doesn’t necessarily make someone a good boyfriend material

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    • I know for sure that this friend is very good husband to his wife, but for the rest I don't know

    • Maybe am wrong and he is just a very “nice” guy

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