What do you do when you've lost hope in life?

What do you do when you feel alone in this world, like no one understands you. And you feel like giving up? Like, you've lost hope, in life.

And you don't have any friends, or people who care.

Please don't tell me to get help or counseling, because I don't speak the language of the counselors here. And no, nobody speaks english. Besides, I want to be able to help myself. I just need all of your help, and advice. Thanks.


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  • I'm only 17 years old, I lost my father due to a heart attack 2 years ago. My grandfather attempted suicide when I was about 11 or 12. But despite this I have moved on. After my father past away I was fine for about the first month, and then it all hit me. I started to feel like you, almost like I had no reason to move on, and nothing to look forward to. But then I stepped back.

    I still had what I was passionate about. Horseback riding.

    I still had my closest friends.

    And I still had a whole future to look forward to. Your under 30, so trust me, you've still got a lot of time ahead of you. Set goals for yourself, travel, go to a bar every now and then and try to meet new people. What do YOU want to do? Take a step out of your life and try to re create yourself, into the person that YOU want to be. Change your hair, get a new wardrobe. And most of all, meet new people and find a hobby you are passionate about. Things will get better, you just need to keep on going. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Seize the day. Carpe diem. Yeah, all those cliches are actually pretty damn true. Hope things start looking up.

    And about counselors, no. Your really the only person that can help yourself =] =] and you will in time. As of now, I'm pretty happy. Honestly, its my horses that have kept me going. good luck with everything

    • Thank you. Its quite embarassing to be told by a 17 yr, but everything you said is true, and it gave me some kind of hope that I could do this. Thank you

    • Haha nah, it shouldn't be embarassing. I guess I just have a different outlook on things, that I hope can help you in some way

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  • Let me tell you what I do. I say F** you guys! I'm going to do my own thing!

    I will first get out of the emo I hate my life stage.

    I would do this by doing things you enjoy, go have a few beers, go skiing, do whatever you like to do! Also maybe have some kick ass tunes while doing your favorite things.

    You still have relatives right? they are always there for you. So spend some time with them!

    After I get out of the emo mood, (sry emo people I mean no offense) I start being optimistic about myself.

    I tell myself I am the only one who can control how I feel.

    I tell myself I can do whatever I want in my life! ( I could be rich, but I'm lazy!)

    I change my look! Looking sexy makes you feel awesome. Make sure its how YOU want to look.

    Keep active! Keep doing things that make you happy!

    And about the friends problem.

    Once you are happy with yourself. others will be happy with you.

    Thats the only way I can put it. Feel good about who you are and who you have become.

    Life is a garden. Dig it!

    bwahaha! : D

    I hope I at least cheered you up!


    • It did. I'm definitely gonna have a couple of beers tonight.

      i love your answer

  • Everyone has people that care about them, just think about it and you'll see, but don't over analyze. When I'm depressed I always over analyze everything and come to the conclusion that no one cares. don't do that its not true.

    If all else fails, you have a ray of hope in the fact that almost nothing is forever, and luckily felling alone/depression has to follow that rule too. It will go away, just believe that. Besides, sometimes when you're down you have no where to go but up.

    you'll be alright

  • I relate to this very well and feel like this often. What I do is look at myself in the mirror and say: "This is the only life I've got and I'm totally worth it and I'm going to do something about it, and live out my life and dreams no matter who or what comes in my way, afterall I'm the only one who would make the final choices and movements in my life" and then go out and make it happen. Being productive and making your own life work is the most satisfying thing there can be. Choose to be happy, no matter what, it doesn't come on it's own.

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  • let me guess you must live in seattle.


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  • I have felt like this before, I am not sure if I felt quite to the extreme that you are, but you need to do so soul searching. Find out what makes you happy. I think a lot of times you may feel depressed and lonely when you base your happiness on the actions or presence of others. You have to realize, life is precious, and there are so many things in this world that you can do to experience it and enjoy it. Do some exploring, join a dance class, or art class, plan a trip, go hiking, be one with nature, etc. Anything that makes you smile. GEtting involved in these activities will not only make you more productive but let you form relationships with motivated people who can possibly be your friend.

    Please don't hang around any depressing people, that's a big no no. They will only further bring you down. GEt a sheet of paper and write down some of the things in life you want to do , and start doing them. Also write down the positive things about your life already. A lot of times we concentrate on the negatives in our life and those negs bring us down and make us depressed. You got to be optimistic about YOU. You may not think you are very fortunate but compared to a lot of people you probably are. Concentrate on those positive things you wrote down and make that list longer by discovering more things about yourself. Make it your obligation to please yourself not other people. A lot of times trying to live up to other expectations and level can make us feel less of a person. Look at yourself as a unique individual with a lot of potential.

    You might want to start attending motivational women's meetings. They often help you build great self esteem and discover the inner you and your place in life. There are so many people that don't get a chance to experience life, or are poor living out in the streets. Be happy and proud of what you have and improve upon it. Surround yourself with motivating positive people. Watch the sun come up in morning and be thankful that you have the chance so experience such a beautiful thing. If you have drama in your past that is making you depressed forget it, it doesn't define you. What defines you is where you gp from here on out. Make the most of this wonderful thing you call life.

  • Well moping hasn't worked so far right? And the cliche' goes "Only way to go from here is up." and it rings true. Life doesn't go the way you want by just sitting there. You have to make your own life.

    - If you don't have friends or people who care, then find some.

    - If you don't have any hope, get some.

    You have to take a proactive approach in life. If you want that rolls royce then map out the steps that will take you there and do those steps.

    If you want friends, write down the steps that you think will get you there. Then do it.for example.

    1. Join a gym or activity that is social in nature ie. martial arts dojo, cardio class, ski club (they actually have those), go back to college for the fun of it and take photography classes or fun classes and meet people there, a book club, or people via work.

    2. You make friends if you put yourself out there in public and have some optimism and enthusiasm.you will get to know people that way.but if you continue to mope or have a woe is me approach or a depressive . people stay away from that.

    THings are better when you try and have some optimism and a I CAN DO it attitude.nothing happens to those you just sit there and complain or be all "bleh" all the time.

  • I feel the same way all the time and sometimes it feels hopeless.I don't have the answers but if you want someone to talk to I am free and maybe we can help each other out.

    • I am not trying to be rude but please DONT contact this person, " the blind can not lead the blind" ......i don't want to hear of you guys jumping off a bridge hand and hand on CNN.

    • No the blind cannot lead the blind but sometimes when people feel like they have no one to talk to they can turn to each other, so they don't feel so alone in the world...I have talked to some amazing people on here and I was just letting her know she is not alone in the world, that other people have felt how she does and sometimes it just helps to let out whatever is bothering her...and talking to others in this position has helped me

  • Get high. When all else fails, look to the gifts of 'Mother Earth'. No, but seriously, you can help yourself. Try to make sense of your unhappiness. Find out what it is that makes you unhappy, unfulfilled. I'm going through a similar phase in my life, but what teenager isn't, you know. Maybe you should spend a day with yourself, all about you. Do what you like, spend time with people you like, who like you, and want to see you happy.

  • if you find an answer to this please tell me. I just lost the one person I cared the most in life.

  • go and find the person you like and give him some muffins I suffer the same way

    a guy talks to me but will not ask me out why it bugs me

    • Haha thanks. I'm sure he will ask you out soon.

  • What do you do when your life is nothing?When your a widowed mom with kids and you don't have a dime to your name what do you do who do you turn too please help me I never had to work and now here iam with out a job and don't now where to go or what to do