Guys and ladies, Is a relationship ever a 50/50 split?

ok.i know its 2008 and we women are so suppose to pro independence and mess. I am pretty independent , I live on my own etc etc blah blah blah. I hear that in relationships its suppose to be 50/50 but does this really exist. I mean come on how many women spend exactly the same amount of money on their husbands/boyfriend as they spend on them. More than likely he spends more on you, if he romances you ( flowers, cards, candy, lingerie, jewelry, etc).

For some reason, ( some men and women may grill me for this) but I don't think it should be 50/50. there are only few relationship where this exist for the reasons I named previously. I think its more like 60/40 favoring the female. Even when I go out on dates I will offer to pay a few times ( close to half) but I still expect the guy to pay more often.

i don't know I just feel like if they are wooing me , they should put some effort into it. LOL I mean everyone talks about how women and men are equal now. but they are NOT. if they were there wouldn't be double standards. There would be a woman president. And I would be able to lift as much weight as a man.

Dont get me wrong I wish we were equal, because I feel like women wouldn't go through half the mess they have to go thru in life.

I don't know, I grew up in a religious family and I was taught that the guy is suppose to be the protector, provider, and leader in a relationship. So when a guy pays for me , I see that as them execute their provider and leader qualities. of course, they shouldn't have to pay all the time, because that's just ridiculous. But does anyone know what I mean? it is hard to explain. Opinions please!
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Oh just something I thought about I wanted to add. I think that in america we women believe that they are equal to men because we are such a liberal country and we have more rights then women outside the country. I mean if you go to other countries
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all over the world and see how badly women are treated you will realize how long we have to go before women would ever be even close to being equal to men. Don't get me wrong I wish we were, but in 2008 we just are not.
Guys and ladies, Is a relationship ever a 50/50 split?
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