Should I answer this?

this guy i’m talking to was barley answering me so i told him i was going to bed, he replied this.. should i even reply? every time i tell him i’m going to bed he assumes i just dont wanna talk to him cause he knows i go to bed late but i feel like i’ve been showing him too much interest in him lately and he’s losing interest I don't know what to do should i answer this?


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  • He's trying to bait you.

    Don't fall for it.

    Just leave. See if he's more responsive next time you and he talk.

  • Make a date and fuck him.

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    • Don't waste time on chit chat.

      When he texts you,
      This should be your response.
      "Hey when r u free for a movie?"

      If he says Tuesday, say fine lets meet Tuesday this and this place at this time and get off the phone.

      If he says no, say "fine let me know when you're free. Bye"
      Stop wasting time on chit chatting.

    • 😂🤣😭

  • Answer, you should.

  • Don't reply anymore and such ignore his last remark.

    • As he doubts your honesty when you say you're leaving for s busy day tomorrow. He good have better responded with goodnight and good luck tomorrow morning...

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