Why does he text me if he's not interested?

Okay, this is driving me crazy! I met this guy and he got my number and he texts me ALL THE TIME. So naturally I suggest we hang out and he says he's busy. So I stop texting him, but he keeps on, asking how my day is every day, etc. So again I suggest we hang out on a Friday night after work, and he says okay we can go to coffee. So we have a coffee even though it's 7 pm and I'm starving. He keeps texting me but no mention of seeing me again. I can only conclude that he's not interested in me because I've given him PLENTY of encouragement. So why on earth would he keep texting me like this? Why would you text a girl you were not into?


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  • It's possible he just wants to be friends. Just because I guy talks to you a lot doesn't mean he wants to get in your pants.

    • Even if he only sees her as a friend, why would he still not want to spend time with her? Is he just trying to distance himself so she knows it's a friend-zone thing or what?

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  • lol, run away from him.

    Hes trying to run "game" on you, and not game by his natural charm. "Game" as in he read a book from the internet on how to get girls and is trying to implement it with you. He is trying to make it seem like he has better things to do but he just isn't ready to go on the date because he needs to hype himself up for it so the only form of contact he is going to make with you is through texting because he is not confident enough to meet you in person.


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  • He may be interested but wants to take things slowly and start off with a friendship first. Just text him and get to know him a little, and cut back on the encouragement for a while.

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