Would you block her on snapchat too?

We’ve blocked each other on social media... apart from Snapchat. I have sent him 2 snapchats since this (over a 4 month period) - 1 was saying that someone had said something and it made me think of him.

The other was “happy birthday” which he started replying to but didn’t actually send something (I’m assuming but was a thank you!)

He hasn’t blocked me on snapchat chat and although I’m not viewing that as an invitation to bombard him, I’m wondering why he hasn’t?

My theory is that he doesn’t want me able to see anything about him right now because he’s angry/upset with me, but he doesn’t want to close the door or at least isn’t ready to. Hence not blocking me on snapchat



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  • Everything is very simple. When he was mad on you, he blocked you, but not everywhere, b'coz it's too hard to remember all the social networks. But after a few days he stopped being mad and became completely "not giving a f.. ck" about you. So he decided not to bother blocking you anywhere else. Since then he basically not giving a f.. ck about you.


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  • Man , you are in your 30s and you are debating to block or not to block? You should know better than that


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  • What is your relationship with him?

    • We were very close colleagues. He made a move, I rejected him, realised I messed up, and it’s just been in tatters ever since.

      We don’t work together now, I’ve moved on elsewhere so haven’t seen him now for 4 months

    • Do you think he blocked you because you rejected him?

    • If he blocked you because of rejection then it's a sign to give him space. Also, it's very immature...

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