Guys: would you get upset if a girl offered to send you a nude? Y or N?


Well, context might help -- we've been talking for over a year and have mainly engaged in sexting. He also asks for photos, but I usually hesitate from sending any. Well, after he got very frustrated in the middle of sexting when I wouldn't send a photo of my bare breasts, he said a few things that kind of hurt me. Something like "I give up" "should have picked your sister, at least I'd be getting some" etc.

I knew he probably didn't mean them, but I still wanted to talk about it the next day. It was like he wanted to pretend like it never happened. He was like "please stop dwelling on the small things". Anyways, I ended up very upset and sent him a photo of my boobs and then I told him I didn't care anymore, because this was obviously very impprtant to him. I also told him I'd send a nude if he wanted... Wouldn't a guy like that? If the guy isn't dating or with the girl, why would anything else matter if she offered to send a nude? ((We're not officially together)) He ended up getting upset too and told me I sounded stressed and maybe this wasn't healthy anymore, etc.

I told him we could revert it to something different -- entertainment or sexual if he wanted but he said he was worried about me and felt like I needed to focus on my emotional health. I told him I'd leave if that was what he wanted, but he said no, he told me I had a lot going on and needed to focus on that. He said he felt like he was just becoming another stress factor and keeping me from resolving the other issues in my life..

I'm just confused because why should it matter how I am? Shouldn't this be about what we are both getting from this? So wouldn't it be a win for him if I stayed?
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Guys: would you get upset if a girl offered to send you a nude? Y or N?
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