Men are visual creatures aren't they?

Men in their 30s and 40s are very visual and want a woman with good looks and body. Can someone describe what that means. What is the most desired body type and features that are attractive. Legs, lips, but etc.


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  • I"m in my early 30's and the main thing I look in a woman now is mental stability, goals in her life, intelligence and decent looks; sure it would be nice to date a super model, but what are the chances of that happening? I will tell you though that for my personal taste, I don't like the heavier women. Now that I'm in my mid early 30's, I have seen how my thin friends have gained a lot of weight, mainly because they are not as active as they used to be; so I stay active, and I want my partner to be the same and not be obese. When I was younger I was more of a visual person, and by that I mean that I would date girls mainly cause they looked nice; however, eventually I realized that a lot of the good looking girls were a bit now as I'm older and wiser, looks aren't everything, but of course, wouldn't go for an obese lady. :) Anyway, to answer the question, I know my friends and I like the thinner women as they get older because if they are already fat in their 30's, chances that they will blow up only get greater as they get older. And by thin we don't mean size 8, but sizes 10, 12 look really sexy.(I hope I have the right sizes) :)


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  • Visual from a far yes.

    There is a girl that I bumped into that at first sight, I just registered as cute . Then she talked to me and flirted ,a little bit. Oh boy ... I fell for her smiles laughs attitude etc...

    When they mean visual they mean from distance without knowing anything about you . You can sweep a guy off his feet with your right attitude . Flirt slightly an then play a bit hard to get . Smile a lot , laugh ( not at everything he says ) , have a great hair and don't act nervous.

    Then you will be desired. :o)


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  • I can't believe that you even wrote this question. You are basically saying that you base your looks on what men want. What about you? What do you want? A tighter butt, lean thighs.? Do what makes you happy - he'll love you for being happy and healthy.

    All men are visual creatures regardless of age. As they get older there view of the female form can change depending on what they want in life.

    Some men want women who appear healthier because they want to have children. Others because that is their preference. Some want waspy types because they want to live that lifestyle. The reasons for mens (and womens) tastes are endless. There is no set rule.

    But like sexwiseman said they mostly want mental stability, and the fact that you're asking this questions tells me that you might have some self esteem issues regarding your body image that you need to work out.

    Oh and I read somewhere, that men greatly admire the female form, and that when they are interested in a woman they don't notice any flaws, until she points them all out to him. But if he points them out to you without you saying anything, he's an a$$ and you don't want to date him anyway.

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