Just asking some generic male behaviors?

So I'm working on a story and even though it's mostly for myself, I would like to make it into a graphic novel one day. My characters are mostly guys so I would like to just ask a few questions to see how guys think.

First. here's the basic synopsis/idea of my story:
A 28 year old former gangster is on the hunt for a mysterious masked man who killed his gang circle. During his hunt, he comes across people and situations that slowly reveals the answers to all of his questions. Among those people are 3 young "orphaned" kids who turns out to be his illegitimate children. They hold the important key to his purpose as they hold an unknown connection between him and the masked man. They unite with each other as they all seek for the same answers.

Alright so for the stupid questions.

-What would your reaction be if you came across 3 kids (ages 4-12) that turned out to be your kids? Would there be a possibility for you to eventually care about them and even have a parental love if spent enough time with them?

-How do guys deal with anger and sadness?

-If you're truly in love with a girl, but are not with her due to possibly endangering her life, would you still sleep around or only want her?

-If there's a fight you know you cannot win, would you still fight, or run?

I understand that everyguy is different and it all depends on stuff but I just wanna see how guys think to make my story slightly "realistically"

I thank you


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  • - It would be painful because you were not able to know or help them growing up, but yes it would call for a parental feeling towards them. That would just suck but at least they are all okay. If they weren't it would feel like it was my fault they got hurt because I should've been there.

    - Completely subjective for the most part. Most common way is to try and deal with it ourselves in isolation, or ignore it and bottle it up, I think.

    - How could I sleep around when her life might be in danger? How could I do anything that won't get those bastards that are endangering her taken out so she can be safe? I don't know.

    - I'm not scuicidal... unless my family is in danger.

    Hope this helps, and it sounds well thought out. Probably will be a good book. 👍


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  • I'd live my life. But I'd make an effort for the kids

    For me anger and sadness at the same time is a dangerous mix but I hold it together like a cage that is made for keeping others out.

    Inlove, one girl. Always and forever

    I would still fight. It isn't about honor, fights are caused for what we believe is right. You should always fight for what is right.

    Hope it helps ~

  • So guys are super complex all of that depends on the guy. If he's super faithful he will be celebate until he can be with the woman he loves, he will love the kids after some adjusting with basically reacting in a "wait what? how is that possible.. OH... well cool!" but if he's not faithful then its all the opposite but those are very ends of the spectrum

  • 1 yes you have described how males love
    2 isolation or aggression if cornered
    3 only her. I don't like sleeping around anyways
    4 most cases run. But if it was something important to me I would keep a fighting spirit. Most things are not worth fighting for though

  • Fuuuck. Should have used a rubber... But yeah, they're kinda charming. And mine! Just gotta deal with it. Maybe they can be trained to do my bidding?

    Anger and sadness? Poorly.

    In the case of proper love: Stay true

    Running is wiser

  • -Yes I would try to connect with them
    - I go out with friends and I'd mention what I'm dealing with
    - No I wouldn't, it depends on the person's self control though
    - I'd walk away, but some may fight for pride sake or because they like a challenge

  • 1. YES, and he will blame himself for not being with them when they needed (big babys and psychos apart)
    2. The Saint trinity:Beer, cigarettes and dogs
    3. Your conscious go away, your unconscious fuck the plan
    4. The question is: that fight is for something important? If the answer is yes, there is no possibility to run away of it (big babys and psychos apart)

    About those questions you must define more the character of your man because nowadays there are many big babys saying they wouldn't. To me, if someone goes for my girlfriend or my children, I won't see myself in the mirror if I dont fight with everything I have. No matter the result

  • 1st question... I feel like it's entirely situational based on the scenario and details. If we are going completely generic, I'd say initially it would be fear and skepticism, but eventually changes over into acceptance and paternal love.

    2nd question. Most guys including myself joke and use humor as an outlet. Men aren't as emotionally expressive and will often bury feelings. Anger can often turn into aggressive behavior. Sadness can often turn one to be by themselves to sulk.

    Truly in love? I'd say for your story it can go one of two ways depending on your character. Either A, he is too into the woman to focus on any other girl or B, he sleeps around in an atempt to fill that empty hole, both reasonable male behaviors

    Its possible a guy may fight in a losing situation. Often we get aggressive and stuborn and keep going when we shouldn't. Clear minded men would probably be more practical to be honest


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