Is someone being jealous of your attributes a sign that they like you?

This guy seems to be jealous of my attributes (for example we both do drama and he always puts down the stuff I do, trying to make his sound better, and we are both into politics, but he always says I don't have my own ideas and am not very good at it). He is also jealous of the other guys I am friends with, which I find strange. I just don't understand if he did like me why he would be jealous of me? Surely he would just admire me?


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  • Love is a weird feeling to those who haven't experienced a crush or aren't mature enough to recognize their own feelings. Those people have trouble expressing their feelings and will do it in whatever way gives them attention from the person they like, even if what their doing isn't constructive or nice.

    This only sometimes means that they like you though, so be carefull of what you assume.

  • This sounds like a strange situation. He goes beyond jealousy when he's putting down to make himself look better. Weather this week is interested in you or not shouldn't matter. That is a pretty big red flag. Add in the jealousy and that would be forcast for an abusive relationship.


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