How to get rid of this feeling!!!:(?

I had sext with a guy... and all of a sudden I m finding him so much amazing and attractive, I mean I sext often with random people, but this guy is different...

I know when we meet people by the way like sexting, it is for sure that they are not real...

Help me to overcome this...


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  • Id say do the cut all comtact route if you can't be feeling these feelings the cut all contact. Why you sexting random people? Im not judging as i did it for a few years but i realise now that this was my way of "acting out" after a sort of breakup

    • Yeah this can be the reason 😔😔

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    • Then if thats what you feel you need to do. Go with it but make sure that you dont become a different person and do not lead people on. If a person starts to show signs of liking you and you dont feel the same do both of yourself a favour and tell him that your flatteres but that your recovering

      Of course try to move on in other ways. If both parties are aware that its purley sexual online then your mostly fine

    • For me it took me 6 years and starting therapy

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