Why won’t he make a move?

Yesterday my friend got my crush of 6 years to sign my yearbook bc I was too shy. So he did.

Well, today at grad rehearsal he was looking at me and smirked a little bit. What does that mean?

Then I turned around when we were sitting in our spots and I think I caught him staring at me - or somewhere in my direction - I don't know.

Well, anyway, he’s done a lot of flirty stuff to me over the past 6 years also (I have a list if ya want) and he’s never had a girlfriend.

So I just don’t know when he’s gonna man up and make a move?

Or do I have to?

Or does he just not like me?


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  • Who says he has to make the move? Women can make a move too.

    • I will if I have to. Tomorrow’s the last day we’ll see each other in high school. So if he doesn’t I will this weekend.

    • Good for you. Some guys are too shy to make a move. Maybe that's the case here. He'll probably like it if you take the initiative.

  • If you like him and you are sure he likes you. Go and ask him out, it's not the 1950's any more you can do it!!!

    • That’s the thing... I overthink everything so I’m not 100% sure he likes me.

    • I think 6 years is enough for some feelings to blossom. You won't know until you try.

    • I’ll see if he does at graduation tomorrow night and if he doesn’t I will.

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