I don't want to lose him help me?

Okay long story short..
I know my close friend cares, I have annoyed him a few times usually because I have over reacted quite a lot at times. At that time any other guy would have left but instead he blocked me for an hour then unblocked. He was annoyed for a max 2 days then he cooled down and behaved normal. I can tell he cares but he is replying so slow on Facebook. Like after 6 hours... once he told me he was generally busy been on interview thingy from 6am to 6pm. Then today when I asked him about his delay when I know he uses his phone 24/7 he replied with lol I don't use my phone when I am sleeping though.

He handle my mood swings well, however at the times I cried he doesn't do anything.
Once he knew I cried so much he didn't say or do anything, he literally just ignores you until u get use to it.
I do not like that at all. That he ignores when stressed or when I need him when I am down. He ignores when he is annoyed too. I like it when guys open up but he doesn't he ignoressssssss

I feel like I am chasing him sometimes esp messaging wise. But i knr he cares but idkkk


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  • Give the man a break! :D
    No seriously, sometimes it is better to give your partner a little rest. Don't you have a good friend / a sister / your mom to talk with when you need it?

    • I do.. and he isn't my partner by the way lol

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    • I was joking. You're a sweet girl. Just keep the balance in your friendship.

    • That's where I am going wrong
      I cannot keep balance
      I need to give space too
      I find that hard so for the best interest of us both I have blocked him
      my aim is to keep him blocked for a month on fb, he will assume I just deactivated fb because I do that a lot

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