What is with this guy?

He texted me to say,"Hi, how are you?" and when I responded back, he didn't text me again. Then two weeks later he sent the same,"Hi, how are you?" text and when I responded, "Good. How are you?", no response back. I got annoyed so I deleted his phone number. He texted me again the following week the same question. Since I no longer had his number saved in my phone, I didn't know it was him so I texted back, "Who's this?" Right away he responded to my text and started talking about what we'd been up to, new job, job schedule, and how he wanted to get together again sometime. I texted him again later and he responded right away. Wth? Why is it that when I texted him like normal he ignored my texts, yet when I delete his number and ask,"Who's this?" suddenly that gets him talking?
So, we ended up hanging out again. He wasn't flirty, didn't talk about sex or anything perverted. I'm not sure what his motive is.


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  • It's best to ask him directly. Though he'll probably use his new job and schedule as an excuse. Though really, even with a busy schedule, anyone can take a minute to reply to a text they initiated.

    • I did. He did end up using the job and schedule excuse but to my surprise he wanted to hang out with me the next day. This after not seeing each other in 2 months.

    • Well, its a rough start but it can be excused. Best of luck to you two.

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  • Lol good old move of "ghosting." He is just mannerless and inconsiderate at all. At least they gotta text us "brb," right?

  • Something is up with this guy

  • maybe he's gay


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