What's his issue?

My boyfriend and I talk on Snap and occasionally text. Well, usually we text for like a long time and stuff. Lately that hasn't happened because I have been insanely busy. But, I still put a 1/2 hour aside to text him. Also, just a note, this is long distance. Well anyway, last night I texted him "when does your summer vacation start?" I asked him this because I was thinking of inviting him out to stay near me. Well, no response. 22 hours later, still no response! I checked the snap map because I wanted to see what my friends were up to. Turns out, he was active and on snapchat! But he totally cricketed me!! Like, he's just ignoring the message. I know he's active and stuff and I don't know what his issue is and why he's not texting me


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  • And this is why technology is the harbinger of the doom of relationships.

    • yea... what do u think his issue is?

    • He's probably just butthurt that you're not talking as much as you used to. Things were fine until then?

    • yup. Then, it just started going sour

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