I asked out my crush through our old fashiond love letter approach no response back yet hep?

Hey so I’m looking for Opinions on my situation. So Back in October I started attending bible studies and going to Christian meetings and after my first bible study a guy came up to me and introduced himself and after I felt this instant attraction and chemistry that is just getting stronger. I thought he was just being friendly at first but I knew he liked me when he started hugging me every time I saw him after meetings or if we runned into each other at get togethers or Christian events. The hugs are like a arm around me, his arms around my neck etc type of hugs. He started saying my name one time out the blue and compliments on my hair or dresses or saying I look pretty you know stuff like that. Eye locking during Christian meetings I’ll catch him looking at me a lot and well I finally asked him if I could get to know him besides hi and bye at the meetings through like a letter because I wanted to ask him privately since I don’t have his number, so everyone isn’t in our business and so he had time to think about it. Because for one he grew up a Christian born and raised they do prefer dating within the religion but it’s not required like people there date and marry non Christians and stuff and I asked a lady from the same religion who married someone who isn’t Christian so at this point I’m waiting to see if he prefers someone who is baptized or if he will be willing to date me because I’m at least studying and working my way up to baptism. Also they date to marry so if he decides yes to my letter then marriage would be our next step after dating. I left my number and stuff on the letter and I’m again wondering is no answer yet a good sign or a bad sign or no sign at all. I just want to know if he’ll date me now or prefers someone who’s baptized into the religion. nice comments will be greatly appreciated thank you in advanced. when I gave him the letter he was non shalon about receiving it and we are mature and old enough to know what’s up wit a secret Letter


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  • Give it some time. But yeah, if it takes too long, that is that. Until then, try to occupy your mind with other things. Also sounds a little fast to date and then jump straight to marriage. But whatever. Good luck!

  • So this is really long, can you summarize it?

    • She started going to Bible study, met a dude that is Christian (she isn't), and they got flirty. She asked him out in a letter, but hasn't heard back yet. Worrying whether it is a barrier that she isn't baptized. Wondering why he hasn't replied. If they did date, next step would be marriage.

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    • Maybe he didn't have a stamp lol

    • Still, it's kinda cute. Modern means are less romantic.

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