What did he mean by this text?

This guy and I are very close. But we haven’t been able to see one another much. We were spending 4days a week together. After 2 weeks here’s our convo

Him- Free today?
Me- No. I don’t know if we can hang out for another month
Him- my god. How am I suppose to live with myself?
Me- sorry my friend needs me.
Him- well telll her thanks for ruining my day!

Him- lol I’m kidding


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  • He's not truly kidding that's for sure lmao I don't have enough context to do an accurate guess on the situation

    • He loves to joke so I thought he was really kidding.

  • Nothing. He got disappointed. He really wanted to see you. Nothing serious. Seems like a short tempered guy. Is he?

    • Hi!
      No he’s not short tempered at all. He loves to joke but I wasn’t sure if he was genuinely sad I could hang out or not.

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