Why would a guy block a girls number but not their Facebook messenger?

It doesn’t make any sense. My sister was blocked by this guy. She sent him messages. Quite a lot. On messenger. But he didn’t block her on there? Is he done or is he not done?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Context, a lot of the time I’ve blocked girls from Instagram because I don’t want the notifications but leave them on snapchat because I don’t have push notifications except for specific people

    • I get that but there’s a difference here. Why not block her on everything so she can’t speak to him?

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    • ... well people make mistakes I guess, other than you knocking some sense into your sister the situation is only going to get worse

    • Who is making the mistake? Him or her? What do you mean?

What Girls Said 2

  • I block people and don't remember to block them on messenger. Don't send him a message

    • She already sent them and he didn’t block her

  • Well if they blocked why do they want to be with someone that doesn’t want them


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