Should I talk to this guy? How can i?

I had the hugest crush on this one guy since I moved to my new highschool. I always meant to finally talk to him but I didn't know if he had any interest for me so I gave up on it.
All we do now is make awkward eye contact and look away. And sometimes he'll put my books away for me, but without saying anything. He asked for a pen but didn't even make eye contact which confused the heck out of me lol. Today I was walking past him, which he was already looking at me, and our eyes locked for what seemed the longest, more like 5 seconds lol, until I finally looked away. My friends often catch him looking at me sometimes and today looked and looked back again at me. Also, my guy friend told him i thought he was cute and he replied asking are you forreal? And didn't really believe him.
He doesn't talk to any girls really and kinda stays to himself but he still has his group of friends. I don't know whether to try to talk to him before the school yr ends or I'm being delusional lol


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  • He clearly thinks you are way out of his league. You should try to talk to him. But alone. And try to keep it on a down low, until he is comfortable enough. Even just talk is better if kept on down low.

  • Yeah. Go for him. Sounds a lot like me and I’d be glad as f*** if that girl approached me herself. Shy af


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