Does he actually like me but won't tell me?

So my older supervisor has told me a few things that he hasn't told his "girlfriend" whom I feel he isn't really serious about anymore, and they still live together.
He mentioned to me that he is moving later, and she doesn't know yet, and that some times he prefers to be alone, and he sometimes feels alone with his girlfriend there with him in their apartment.
I really can't tell if he likes me a little bit or at all, or if he tells his girlfriend how he really feels etc.


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What Guys Said 1

  • It seems that he hasn't hinted to you that he he's attracted to you. It sounds like you're just his confidant, someone to vent out his personal baggage onto. That's very nice of you by the way. We all need that friend sometimes.

    • Yes we do. He has depression problems like me, but he doesn't take medication like I do. I mentioned that also. We also mentioned to each other about our families, and both affected by suicide in our past. I really don't know if he says many emotional things like this to his girlfriend that I feel he isn't serious about anymore.

What Girls Said 1

  • What part is upsetting you

    • Nothing is upsetting me about it, I'm just curious to know why he wouldn't say anything to his "girlfriend" about moving later or other emotional issues he may have. Without asking him, to avoid feeling awkward.

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