What should I do about my hot manager?

Ok so I have this manager who is really good looking he's like 6' foot something, he has dirty blonde hair, a nice chiseled jawline. He is a good looking man, and that is why I'm trying to figure out why on earth he likes me. And when I say he likes me I'm not only talking a little I'm talking a lot, but he never talks to me and when he does he refused to look at me, he'll get all frustrated, and try to act serious (which is weird cause he's super chill with all the other employees), but when he thinks I can't see him he is hardcore staring at me. Like if I pass by he'll stop what he's doing even if he's with other employees or customers and just watch me. At first it was hot cause he's hot and I need the boost to my confidence but now it's just like what is the point of you doing this if anytime I try to talk to you you either act awkward or run away. And just today he did something hilarious, my supervisor had called me over to start helping her with the work and he was over next to her so I just merrily said Hi! With a big smile and a wave And he just looks away and says in a fast pace "What! I wasn't staring at you I was just looking for someone else to help over here" and I was just like Okay! 😊 like I didn't even see him staring but it's like he just confessed to his own crime. And I also don't get why hed like me in short most people mistake me for a highschooler but I'm in my 20s and I'm childish so I don't see the appeal. What do I do about him how should I treat the situation?


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